Corkscrew Curve Vids

Back by popular demand (and those ladies in Bend, you know who you are). These are just two quick reference videos for the Corkscrew Curve and Inverse Corkscrew Curve. No text at the moment, but I’ll work on getting that back up here shortly…


  1. Bert says:

    Aw-right…I think I finally got to work. Maybe. That sharp inside move of the casting hand forms a horizontal loop instead of the normal vertical loop. The loop unrolls parallel to the ground. I make a nice firm stop while moving the rod tip crisply from right to left and don’t overpower the cast, it falls with a nice sharp positive curve (for a right handed caster).

    The haul still escapes me.

  2. JB says:

    Bert—Sounds like it is coming along well for you…I really hope that it becomes a true “fishing cast” for you, too. The Corkscrew has such a “positive” delivery that it has become a core curve for me in “real world” conditions (wind, tight spots, etc.).

    Judging from what you say in your comment, it appears that you have worked through the issues of wrist usage (or non-usage, I should say), as well as control of energy application. Those two things can kill the Corkscrew (line tangling, forming ugly curves, etc.).

    As for hauling, think about the haul coming more in the first half of the curve. Check out the bomb Corkscrew Curve in this video by Lasse Karlsson.

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