Igrew up in the world of fly fishing. My father wisely signed a nine-month teaching contract at the local university, so I spent every vacation of my youth fishing with my parents “out there somewhere.” It was during those travels that I received my formal fly-fishing education and also learned how to teach others to work a fly rod.

I got to fish east and west, north and south. I camped under the aurora borealis and the Southern Cross. I waded in the surf and hiked breathless hours above treeline. There were seemingly endless summer days spent exploring land and water. Those experiences changed me forever.

I also tied flies—a lot of flies. I started commercial tying in middle school, mostly to feed my video game habit. By the end of high school, though, I was indeed done with lashing together 100 dozen of the same thing!

My background eventually lead to work as a fly-fishing consultant, double, and actor for commercials and movies, including Robert Redford’s Oscar-winning film, A River Runs Through It.

Somewhere along the line, I became a part of the Fly Casting Institute, which is dedicated to advancing the science, medicine and art of fly casting. Geeky stuff, with motion capture and biomechanics and people who know how to do calculus.

My typing is comically bad, but over the years I’ve managed to contribute a small heap of articles to angling magazines worldwide. I’ve even gotten a by-line on a few books here and there, as well as contributing to the works of others.

I sometimes use a pen or brush to make images. I’d probably be better at it if I did it consistently, but I still manage to get some work out there.


If I’m not fishing, I prefer to be on the trail, with either boots or knobbies beneath me. In the hazy past, I gave thought to becoming a pro cyclist. Then I discovered that I wasn’t fast.

Outside of angling, I pay the bills by putting in hours as an art director. To lend credence to the “director” part, I have a degree in film and television production and theory (On Wisconsin!).

I’m not on this trip solo. My life’s journey is shared with my wife, daughter, and son, who also love wild fish and wild places.


There are certain places dotting the path of my fly-fishing journey that have shaped my formation as an angler, as well as a person. Some are places that encompass whole waters, and even whole lands. Others are intimate spots—single pools or stretches of water that will always be held closely. Perhaps your own journey shares some of these same waypoints.

.Black Earth .Storm Castle .County N & County Y .Spearfish .YNP .Quake Lake to Ennis .Paradise Valley .7 Pines .Vermejo Park .Upper Green .Kā Tiritiri o te Moana .Chatsworth .Kanektok .Afterbay to 13 Mile .Policeman’s to Carseland .Polar Bear Provincial Park .Usk .Lower Keys .Nineteen Lagoons .Upper Sorgue .Varzina-Penka .Upper Aquarium Pool .Katmai .Ría Lagartos .Potosi .River Wildlife .Hyalite Canyon .Kress .8-Mile .Lower Woodard .The Playground Pool